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By providing experienced by independent analysis of your operational processes, Consolo can help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your program.

As regulations such as SFTR and CSDR impact securities lending, efficiencies in operational practices becomes increasingly important and getting it wrong can not only cost money but has the potential to damage reputations and breach regulation.

Consolo’s experience in managing lending activity from an operations, risk control and regulatory perspective gives our consultants a unique ability to identify areas where process or system developments can mitigate risks and improve overall efficiency.

Culminating in a detailed report of good practices and recommendations for improvement, the Consolo process will provide the client with a detailed overview of the current status and a blue print for future developments with fully costed ROI analysis for each proposal.  This way senior management can make informed decisions about where potential risks lie and where to invest most effectively.

  • Process Review
  • Risk and Control analysis
  • Adoption  of market developments
  • Identification Opportunity

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